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Happy Birthday.

This is for Deepkissu! I was going to write this for you last night as a surprise but I obviously didn’t have my computer.



A room lit with just a few candles on top of a cake and people yelling, “Happy Birthday!” Streamers hung from the ceiling as confetti shot in the air upon your entering. Your heart nearly skipped a beat; surprises are definitely not your forte. Your face burning hot with embarrassment, completely in shock as the crowd started to sing happy birthday to you. The song came to an end as your boyfriend approached you with the cake, making a wish you blew out the candles. The lights then flickered on as soon as the candles went out. You can finally recognize the faces at your surprise birthday party. You spotted out all the members from his group and quite a few of your close friends.

“Happy Birthday, jagi-yah!” He kissed you on the lips as he led you to the nearest table to cut your cake. Strawberries and kiwis covered the outer perimeter while the middle had cursive writing of “Happy Birthday” followed by your name. Picking out the candles you sucked on the end of each, not wanting to waste the cake. His eyes fixed on your lips as you sucked on each candle. Feeling a gaze you turned over to find him staring at you. You giggled, noticing why he was staring.

“Wae!?” You joked at him. He laughed in his adorable laugh that makes your heart race every single time. Giving you his, “you know what you’re doing” look. “What? I’m just eating cake.” Laughing as you finished off the last candle. Picking up the knife, you started to cut the cake into little squares.

Walking around greeting all the guests, you invited them to feel free to grab a piece of cake or drinks from the fridge. Moments later you see his members walk over to you, grabbing your arm they led you over to the alcohol. Offering you a shot, you waved your hand turning down the offer. You weren’t much of a drinker and a complete lightweight.

“Awh, come on! It’s your birthday! Just one shot!” Falling for their persuasion you took a drink. Your face scrunched as soon as the alcohol hit the back of your throat. The burning sensation lingered in your mouth as you swallowed it. Taking a sip of juice, you washed down the horrible taste. Before you could even say “no” another shot was in front of you. “Last one!” Taking the shot glass in your hand, you downed it. This time wasn’t as harsh as the last; drinking your juice you walked away before another was offered.

Moments later you hear the crowd cheering. Your boyfriend, in the middle, was dancing to the upbeat song. Watching him dance is the biggest turn on, next to hearing him sing to you. Cheering along he pulled you towards the center to dance along with him. What’s gotten into him? The song immediately changed to a slower one, completely altering the mood. His hands placed on your hips; pulling you close to him, you smelt the alcohol on his breath. “You’ve been drinking.” You whispered into his ear. “What?” He answered.

His eyes were glazed over and his cheeks were bright pink, it was obvious. You laughed at his response and slow danced with him. His hand then glided down towards your butt, he squeezed it. Your hand grabbed his to stop him from going any further. “What are you doing? There are tons of people here, stop.” You whispered to him, again.

“I can’t help that you look absolutely beautiful in that dress of yours.” He’s in the mood and you can tell by the way he’s talking to you. His eyes traced every curve of your body as he bit his lip. “Stopppp.” You told him in a whiny voice. You started to walk away but he got a hold of your wrist. Pulling you in the bedroom, he pinned you up against the door, locking it at the same time. His fingers traced your jaw line and brushed against your cheek as he tucked your hair behind your ear. His hands then rested on your hips holding you against the door, he bit your neck. “We can’t…” You let out soft moan as he hit your sweet spot.

His hand slid down your back grabbing a hold of your thigh, he held it against his waist. Your arms wrapped around his neck, you practically pounced on him. He carried you over to the bed and laid you down. His tongue slipped in your mouth as yours entwined with his. Your hand placed on his back, tracing along the top of his pants. Feeling the dip in his back, your hand found its way under his shirt. Every curve that the muscle formed, your hands trailed up and down his back, touching every groove.

Your breathing started to get heavier. He caressed your thigh moving further upwards. His hand then pressed against your clit, moving in a circular motion getting a moan from you. Pulling off your panties he tossed them off to the side as you unbutton his pants. Your hand reached into his pants, you teased him. “Don’t tease me like that.” He grabbed a handful of your hair, he smirked. Your legs straddling him, he soon entered into you. Thrusting hard into you as your back arched. Your head fell backwards expressing how amazing it felt. Your hand clenched onto the covers as he pumped in and out of you. Biting your lip you tried to suppress the moans that’s about to come out of your mouth. Noticing what you’re about to do, he kissed you deeply. Your lips reached his ear, you begged for more, calling out his name. A few more thrusts and you reached your limit, your toes curled as your body tensed up. Your fingers dug into his back as you climaxed. He then released inside you a few moments later. Pulling out of you, he put his pants back on. Walking over to the drawer he grabbed you a new pair of panties. You put them on, adjusted yourself and went back to the party.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it didn’t look like anyone was looking for the two of you. You went to get some cake as he followed behind you. “Hungry?” He gave you a devilish grin. You ate some cake as he begged for you to feed him some. Opening his mouth you fed him the left over cake, at the same time you took a little icing and smeared it on his nose.

Your friends and his members soon left, leaving alone time for the two of you. Your night soon came to an end also. “Thanks for tonight, you’re the best boyfriend ever. I love you.” You hugged him close and kissed his cheek. “I love you, too, jagi-yah. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.” He was still a little under the influence as you could tell, he then picked you up and led you back to the bedroom.

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